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1965-67 Ford Galaxie 500 Rack & Pinion Kit
This is a rear steer center take-off style rack and pinion with a ball center bar that exactly matches the center link of the stock suspension for the '65-'67 Ford Galaxie 500. The rack & pinion comes mounted to a one piece mounting bracket that bolts up to the frame using the same holes that held up the steering box and idler arm. This is designed to be used with Traditional Motors found in these cars, including 428, 390, & 352 engines. This kit has been installed on vehicles with stock manifolds. Other Headers may work, but might require modification or another u-joint in the column linkage. Note: Granada Spindles have been used on these vehicles from time to time. If you have these, let us know in the drop down menu above, so we can swap out the correct outer ends. Teck Info: Kit Includes: Pinion Type / Size: 17mm DD Rack & Pinion Amount of Travel: 6" Outer Tie Rod Ends Turns Lock to Lock: 2.5 - 2.75 Turns Mounting Bracket Pressure Port Size: 18mm - 6AN Banjo Pump & Line Kit Return Port Size: 16mm - 6AN Banjo Steering Shaft Kit Pump Required: Low Flow / Pressure Mounting Hardware Inner End Threads: 9/16"-1...