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Toe Adjustment

When adjusting the toe all of the weight of the vehicle must be on the wheels and the vehicle must be sitting as it would be driving down the road.
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Single Polished Stainless Steel U-Joint Angle 38 degrees

Unisteer single polished stainless steel u-joints work up to about 38 degrees. http://www.unisteer.com/u-joints.html
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Question for Kit 8011080-01 Camaro 75-81

Will this kit, (8011080-01) provide the stock turning radius and allow full alignment adjustments as the OEM steering system for my 1979 Camaro ?

The 8011080-01 kit for the 75-81 Camaro is made specifically for these cars and will travel out to the factory stops. This Camaro rack and pinion has full alignment adjustments that are easily made by unloosening the outer end and by just turning the inner end in or out. (Brandon)

Can I rely on your technical support system while installing this product ?

Our technical support center is open 8-5 EST Mon-Fri at 800-338-9080. (Brandon)

Will I be able to buy replacement/rebuild parts for this R&P unit later down the road ?

Unisteer's parent company Maval Manufacturing has been in the steering business since 1987. All products will always be able to be repaired and individual parts can be purchased seperately. (Brandon)

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Cross-Steer 9/16-26 pinion shaft

All Cross-Steer Rack & Pinions have a 9/16-26 splined pinion (input) shaft. http://www.unisteer.com/search_by_product/bolt_in_rack_pinions/street_hot_rods.html

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