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Electra-Steer Customer testimonial

Jell-0ooo Don

Just a late note of "Thanks", for your great Unisteer Electra-Steer unit...
I had one installed in my '32 roadster, after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid
Arthritis in my right shoulder, and 0A arthritis in my left shoulder...Jerry Kugel
in Los Angeles, installed your unit on my roadster...

I've driven my roadster over 10,000 miles, twice to Deuce Day's in Victoria,
Canada, one to Phoenix, and down to Baja Mexico...I've driven roadsters over
250,000 miles over the past 65 years, and at this time in my life, it's the most
enjoyable pleasure ever, because of your Electra-Steer unit...Can't believe I've lived
this long without it...

I've become your Ghost Salesman...Two friends both over 60, have driven my
roadster and will soon be adding an Electra-Steer unit to theirs...One a '32 roadster
the other a sedan...Possibly others too, when they find out what we've done...

Again, Thank You for a great product...

Forever Topless

Rudy Perez
San Ramon Valley Roadsters
Alamo, California


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