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Glamis First Reaction - The UTV Extravaganza

Roaring across the desert in the Unisteer F-250 with trailer in tow, I could feel the excitement of Glamis rising within me.  This being my first trip to the desert I had no idea what to expect.  I knew I was drawing near by the simple cautionary yellow road signs of only one word. Dips. Crossing the train tracks I entered into what was hourly becoming a small city.  Thousands of RVs and trailers stretched across the imperial sand dunes, and I was quite certain I had arrived in the dune capital.

As a mid-westerner, I had never really ridden before in the desert or in the sand.  The trails of the east are beautiful, no doubt, but the sand and the dunes are a whole different animal.  One of the things that really struck me was the whips. (For those of you not familiar with California law, whips are flags on very thin polls that attach to the vehicle and are required when riding in the dunes.)  Having hastily installed my own whips only days before, I was shocked by the variety of sizes, shapes and different logos found on this necessary accessory. 

Now it was time to test my metal in the desert.  I set out for a short ride through the dunes to see what whoops really felt like. (Whoops are really just a bunch of small dips right in a row. The name comes from the sensation you feel when taking them at speed. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!)   Inevitably, I got stuck with my rear tires dug into the sand.  With a helping hand and friendly advice to “hit the gas” and not stop I was off again enjoying the sunshine.

During the day it filled me with pride to have people drive up to the trailer with their UTV’s and call out that they absolutely loved their Electra-Steer! It was also rewarding to help riders get back out to the dunes by providing them with our replacement rack and pinion, Rackzilla.  The chilly nights were spent around a warming fire with hours of laughter and libations.  I can truly say that the location, people and entire atmosphere of the event was extremely enjoyable and I am looking forward to my next trip to Glamis in January. 

Until then it’s back to Colorado.

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