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Grand National Roadster Show 2013



Here is proof that some things do get better with age.  Unisteer attend the 64th annual Grand National Roadster Show on January 25th-27th.  Although it was only our second time at the show it proved to be another fabulous experience.  Despite the rainy conditions for most of the weekend, the crowd still showed up in herds.  Nothing makes booth personnel happier than little down time.

With Friday’s show hours ending at 8:00pm, this allowed for the after work crowd to get some quality gawking time at the show before closing.  This further entices them to come back the next day to see if they have missed anything.  With a total of 9 buildings full of cars and car related items there was plenty to see all weekend long.  Every building is loaded front to back with great cars from The Legendary  to The Obscure.  From nose up gassers to frame dragging low riders. There is even something for the two wheeled fans as well, having half a building dedicated to motorcycles of all kinds.  William Harley, Arthur Davidson and Hideo “Pops” Yoshimura would have been envious of the collection


Exhibitors get an extra hour before the show starts to…well…I don’t know what other exhibitors do but we use this time to do our own gawking.  Looking at the vehicles, both customs and full original restorations instills the passion people have for this “hobby”.  The attention to the finest detail is mind shattering.  It is quiet easy to look at a vehicle multiple times and see something new every time.  We were lucky to have three amazing cars across from us.  A lime green ’32, a blue ’57 Bel-Aire with at least seven different shades of blue, and a brilliant red ’33. 


After all was said and done, getting out of snowy Ohio in January and heading to rainy Southern California is always nice.  The only real downer is the trip back with a flight leaving at 6:00 in the morning.  I guess we all have our penance to pay, and if getting up at 3:00 in the morning to catch a flight is the payment owed for looking at some truly amazing cars, trucks, and motorcycles then consider payment still owed.



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