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UTV Industry Trends -- From the trenches of Colorado

As I wander around the country from event to event, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of the fine people that make our sport a reality.  Everyone from event coordinators to UTV dealers of every kind have different views and opinions about how the industry is progressing through the challenging economic period our country is facing.  

On a whole, many of the people, especially dealers, see the UTV industry slowing down.  It would seem, and justifiably so, that people are cutting back on their passion for UTV’s as well as ATV’s until things become more stable.  It is sad but true that one parts manager I talked to was a hero to his bosses for only being down 7% in sales this year.  

Even with the present situation there is still optimism and hope within all facets of the industry.  Dealers and Event coordinators alike feel that this storm will pass and none of them seem to be worried that their doors will close any time soon.  Even with the decline across both the retail sales of vehicles as well as aftermarket products, people are still getting out to do what they love and dealers and manufacturers are able to keep providing for their passion.  With the New Year will come new opportunities and growth and everyone seems confident that things will only get better.  

For now I will have to be content with the snow, that is at least until Martin Luther King Day in January, when I can get back to the dunes of Glamis.  

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