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UTV Tires and Air Filters - Two Lessons from Glamis on MLK Weekend

Over MLK holiday weekend, it was back to Glamis!  Having had some experience in the desert it was less of a shock to me, yet still a blast.  I learned a few more things about camping in the desert but also about caring for the Unisteer Kawasaki Teryx.  I learned 2 simple things that can help keep a UTV running at peek performance in the desert.  First, you do not need to have true sand tires to keep your UTV from digging into the sand as I did on my first trip.  My big all terrain/mud tires worked; all I had to do was let some of the air out of my tires.  This provided my UTV  with more traction due to increased surface area of the tire.  I kick myself now because after doing it I realized that I had done this before.  (During a trip to the deserts of Namibia, my family and I had to do the exact same thing when we got our truck dug into the sand.)  Second, I found that it was important to change the air filter often while riding in the desert.  If the air filter gets clogged up with a lot of sand and dust, it robs the UTV of power and takes away from the performance.  These are simple common sense ways to keep your UTV running in tiptop shape.  During this trip I also had the opportunity to ride along with some truly experienced dune riders who showed me the capabilities of these amazing vehicles.  Given that I have never really ridden in the dunes, I am still pretty hesitant behind the wheel, but this ride was nothing short of amazing.  We were running pedal to the metal across the dunes and I could almost reach out and touch the sand as we careened around a dune, that is if I hadn’t strapped myself down as tight as possible into the 5 point.  While it was a blast, I still feel I need a lot more experience before I take our Teryx out with those guys.  Over all, it was another good trip to Glamis and a great way to start off the New Year.  I am looking forward to Presidents Day weekend when I will be back in action at Glamis.

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