1962-67 Chevy II/Nova Manual Rack and Pinion Kit (Chrome Rack)

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As with all of Unisteer's rack kits, the foundation of the Chevy II kits are rack & pinions matched to the stock suspension of these cars. This kit is designed to work with Small Block engines. The manual version is Unisteer's own, manufactured to the correct dimensions. This kit comes mounted to a one piece bracket. The Bracket mounts behind the front engine mounts - slide out the original hardware and replace with the longer bolts supplied to mount up the kit.

The kits have been successfully installed on cars with stock manifolds, and Headman Headers. Otherwise, custom headers or modification to your headers will be needed. Rear sump oil pans and pickups must also be used so the rack will clear. The kits will work only with factory stock floor shift columns or aftermarket floor shift columns. Each kit includes a column bracket, firewall gasket, and column bearing, everything necessary to modify an original column.

Steering arms are included in this kit as the racks do not have the same travel as the box and that big old pitman arm. The steering arms replace the bolt on ones on your spindles, but are shorter than the originals giving you back the turning radius.

No shaft kits are included due to the amount of variations, but we certainly can supply you with U-joints and shafting.

Note: On some aftermarket engine blocks, the deck height may be raised by 0.4". This may affect your exhaust header location.

Note: Some aftermarket cylinder heads may have a raised exhaust floor anywhere from 0.25" - 0.4" which may affect header height.

Tech Info:

Kit Includes:
Pinion Type / Size: 9/16"-26 Spline Rack & Pinion
Amount of Travel: 4" Mounting Bracket
Turns Lock to Lock: 2.5 Turns Mounting Hardware
Pressure Port Size: NA Steering Arms
Return Port Size: NA
Pump Required: NA
Inner End Threads: M14 x 1.5 Click here to view installation instructions.
Outer End Threads: 10002 Click here for IDIDIT Nova & Chevy II Columns


1962-67 Chevy II/Nova Manual Rack and Pinion Kit (Chrome Rack)