Pro Stock Manual Quick Ratio Rack (RACE ONLY)

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Lighter Than the Ford Pinto gear that has been popular for so long, this is our own Pro-Stock Rack & Pinion. Built from Unisteer's own system, this rack has the same dimensions as the Pinto, but it will mount differently with Unisteer's simple flat bolting pattern. The main advantage of these racks are the weight savings, making the rack 20% lighter.

Tech Info:

Kit Includes:
Pinion Type / Size: 9/16"-26 Spline Rack & Pinion
Amount of Travel: 5"
Turns Lock to Lock: 3 Turns
Pressure Port Size: NA
Return Port Size: NA
Pump Required: NA
Inner End Threads: 1/2" - 20
Overall Length 45"


Pro Stock Manual Quick Ratio Rack (RACE ONLY)