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Shaft Kits

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1955-57 Chevy Steering Shaft kit (Aftermarket Column)
Tri-5 Steering Shaft Kit fits 1"DD/3/4/-36 Steering Columns. Kit includes Steering Shaft Stainless Search By Product/U-Joints Column Adapters CLICK HERE TO LOOK AT PRODUCT INSTRUCTIONS ...
1955-57 Chevy Steering Shaft Kit w/Column Bearing (Stock Column)
This kit is for use with our Tri-5 Rack & Pinion kit being installed on small block cars that have header clearance. With header clearance, this is the easiest way to connect the rack & pinion up to the column. The kit consists of two Search By Product/U-Joints, one already welded to long section of smooth shaft, all one need do is mock up their steering linkage and cut off the shaft at correct length. Then drill and pin the second U-joint to the shaft with the provided hardware, or weld if you prefer. Click here for shaft instructions. ...
U-Joint 16mm DD x 3/4" DD
U-Joint 16mm DD x 3/4" DD
Product Code: 8050260
Unisteer performance products brings you our new line of steering Search By Product/U-Joints. This new style of U-joints combines strength, safety, and cost effectiveness. Made out of stainless steel these Search By Product/U-Joints will be safe as well an aesthetically pleasing addition to your vehicle, they look sharp! The size of this U-joint is Unisteer's Spline for its Power Rack & Pinions by 3/4"DD. Again Unisteers Power Rack Spline is unique at 16MM DD, it is used on Unisteer's Tri-5 rack & pinion kits. This U-Joint use pinch bolt fasteners on both sides. Note: Torque U-Joint to 45ft. lbs. May need to repeat 1-2 times. ...