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Rack and Pinion - Manual - Black - 1967-69 Camaro/1968-74 Nova - 8000770-01

SKU: 8000770-01

UniSteer's kits are based off the stock cross-member and steering linkage. The manual rack is UniSteer's own rack & pinion design. This is machined so that the internal pivot points match the dimensions of the original center link and control arms on the Camaro front end. This gives you the steering you deserve.

The racks come mounted to a simple one piece bracket that mounts up right behind the stock cross member at the rear lower control arm bolts. Simply slide out the original bolts and replace with the supplied longer bolts to install the rack. The manual rack has enough travel that steering arms are not necessary.

These kits can be used with either the factory column or an aftermarket column, Choose whether you want a two or three u-joint shaft kit and what column you want to mount the shaft kit to - factory, 1" DD or 1" - 48 tooth spline. If using the factory column, you will also want to purchase our factory column adaptor which bolts into place on the factory column replacing the rag joint and giving you a spline to attach a u-joint.

The Manual rack kits have been successfully used on cars with small block and big block motors. Headers can present an issue with clearance for the shaft linkage.

Note: Most aftermarket Heads have raised exhaust floors by 1/4" to 1/2" which does not make clearance any easier.

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Tech Info:

Pinion Type/Size:  9/16"-26

Amount of Travel:  6"

Turns Lock to Lock:  3.75 Turns

Inner End Threads:  M14 x 1.5

Outer Ends:  8020940

Kit Includes:

Rack and Pinion

Outer Tie Rod Ends

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware