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1970-74 Camaro Power Rack Only Kit

Rack and Pinion - Power - 1970-74 Camaro - 8010980-01

SKU: 8010980-01

This kit uses a front steer center take off style rack & pinion attached to a one piece bracket which bolts to the same mounting holes for the original steering box and idler arm. The center steer rack & pinion replicates the original steering linkage.

These kits have been used on both small block and big block motor cars. A 3 u-joint shaft kit and support bearing is required with either the small block or the big block. Clearance around headers is always an issue. Installs on cars with big blocks have been successful with either the stock manifolds or Headman Hustler 2 1/8" Headers.

Note: On some aftermarket engine blocks, the deck height may be raise by up to 0.4". This may affect your exhaust header location.

Note: Some aftermarket cylinder heads may have a raised exhaust floor, anywhere from 0.25" - 0.4" which may also affect your header location.

Our kit is set up for use with either small blocks or big blocks using long water pumps. If you have a short water pump or are using an LT or LS engine, we can set you up with the different accessories that you will need, but you need to give us a call to arrange a kit.

P-pumps are also popular with these Camaros, if you would prefer a P-pump we can set you up with a P-pump tested and set to run with our rack or a power steering box if you have that. Black & Chrome finishes are available.

Tech Info:

Pinion Type/Size:  3/4" - 36 Spline

Amount of Travel:  7"

Turns Lock to Lock:  3 Turns

Pressure Port Size:  18mm - 6 AN

Return Port Size:  16mm - 8AN

Pump Required:  High Flow

Inner End Threads:  11/16-18 Female

Kit Includes:

Rack and Pinion

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware