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1982-95 Chevy S10/ Sonoma Rack & Pinion kit, Black

Rack and Pinion - Manual - 1982-95 S10/Sonoma - V8 - 8000990-01

SKU: 8000990-01

On this kit we used our own build of manual rack and pinion in a center take-off style rear steer rack. This style of rack and pinion bolts up into place where the existing steering box and idler arm is bolted. This unit is pounds lighter than the original steering and maximizes clearance for V-8 swaps. On a V-8 swap, we successfully used Hedman Shorty style headers. This kit has been used on project cars that use an S-10 frame, but the linkage back up to the column is up to you. This kit is for 2-wheel, rear wheel drive vehicles only.

Note: You will need to reuse or obtain the two factory 5/8"-18 right hand thread outer tie rod ends for this kit.

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Tech Info:

Pinion Type/Size:  9/16"-26

Amount of Travel:  6"

Turns Lock to Lock:  4.5 Turns

Inner End Threads:  5/8"-18 - female

Outer Ends:  Reuse Originals

Kit Includes:

Rack and Pinion

Mounting Bracket

Steering Shaft Kit

Mounting Hardware