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1955-57 Chevy Power Rack & Pinion Kit

Rack and Pinion - Power - 1955-57 Chevy - 8010600

SKU: 8010600

We used a modified traditional style GM rack and pinion for the Tri-5s. The rack is bolted to a one piece bracket which mounts exactly where the old steering box and idler arm were mounted to the frame. The rack is machined so it is narrower, matching the stock suspension of these cars.

This kit is designed for use on cars with small block motors with headers; Sanderson and FlowTech headers have been successfully used. However, they do not work with a mechanical clutch, you will need to switch to a hydraulic clutch to install these headers. Other headers may work as well, but may require modification or a shaft kit with three u-joints. Installs on Big Block Motors have been done, but are more difficult as it will require three u-joints, a support bearing, and probably modification to the headers. This kit has been used for big block, as well as LS1, LSX, and ZZ4 motors (with modifications), in which the bracket is slightly different by changing the location of the rack for more clearance for oil pans. This rack kit will also work with Mike McGuagthy's drop spindles with slight modification to the inner ends. Please call us for more info.

The rack does have less travel than the old pitman arm, so the arms are necessary to maintain comparable turning radius. Pump kits built how you want, and matched to run with the rack & pinion are available, but sold separately. due to variations. Check out our pump options. We also have shaft kits for small block motor cars, which consist of two joints, DD shafting, and a coupler for aftermarket columns or a bearing to reuse the Factory Column.

UniSteer is also pleased to offer Ididit Columns as well as Sanderson and Flow Tech Headers.

Note: This unit is designed for Floor Shift vehicles. If you would like to use a column shift, you will need to upgrade the column to an Ididit column.

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Tech Info:

Pinion Type/Size:  16mm DD

Amount of Travel:  5"

Turns Lock to Lock:  2.5 Turns

Pressure Port Size:  M14 Banjo - 6 AN

Return Port Size:  M16 Banjo - 6 AN

Pump Required:  Low Flow

 Inner End Threads:  M14 x 1.5

Outer Ends:  10002

Kit Includes:

Rack and Pinion

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware

Steering Arms