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Rack and Pinion - Power - 1968-72 GM A-Body - 396-454 - Long Water Pump - 8010740-01

SKU: 8010740-01

This kit is made for the Chevelle's and other GM A-Body cars. In these years of Chevelle's, we used a front steer center take off style rack and pinion on a one piece bracket that bolts up in the same location as the original steering box and idler arm. This kit does clear the Z-Bar and 4 Speed Linkage. We have installed this kit on cars with both big block and small block motors. On the Big Block, stock manifolds and Super Comp Headers work, and on the Small Block motor Hooker Comp Headers work. Other headers may work, but may need modification.

The kit is set up to go on cars with either small blocks or big blocks with long water pumps. If you have a short water pump, we can easily accommodate, but you will need to call us, and we'll swap in the proper components.

Note: Some aftermarket cylinder heads may have a raised exhaust floor anywhere from 0.25" - 0.4" which may also affect your header location.

Note: This kit will also bolt into a 1968-72 small block El Camino and Monte Carlo.

A special note on big block motors: There are several different designs, Mark IV, Mark V, and Mark VI. The original Mart IV design has a deck height of 9.8", the Mark V and Mark VI designs have a deck height of 10.2". The 0.4" difference affects clearance on these big block cars. Mark V and Mark VI designed cars will probably need more header modification.

Tech Info:

Pinion Type/Size:  3/4"-36 Spline

Amount of Travel:  7"

Turns Lock to Lock:  3 Turns

Pressure Port Size:  18mm - 6AN

Return Port Size:  16mm - 6AN

Pump Required:  High Flow/Pressure

Inner End Threads:  M14 x 1.5

Outer ends:  8020940

Kit Includes:

Rack and Pinion

Mounting Bracket

Mounting Hardware

Pump and Line Kit

Steering Shaft Kit