1967-70 Cougar Power Rack Only

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The Cougar Rack kit eliminates slop and greatly improves the steering and handling of your vehicle. This rack is a center take-off style rack and pinion that utilizes an offset ball center bar which duplicates the stock center link; this means that the rack matches the exact geometry of the original front suspension.

The rack comes mounted to a one piece mounting bracket which replaces the tubular cross member located directly behind the front suspension. Since the racks are center take-off style, we offset the rack on the mounting bracket moving the pinions closer to the driver-side frame, which makes connection of the steering linkage to the column as easy as possible. The set up will clear 4-speed linkage, and Z-Bar. This kit will require the use of a mini starter.

This kit will work with both a big block and small block cars, and has been successfully used with Stock Manifolds and Hooker Super Competition Headers. The rack may require modifications on vehicles with Dart Heads, or other Aftermarket Heads.

Tech Info:

Kit Includes:
Pinion Type / Size: 17mm DD Rack & Pinion
Amount of Travel: 6" Mounting Bracket
Turns Lock to Lock: 2.5-2.75 Turns Mounting Hardware
Pressure Port Size: Lower Port, 18mm Banjo - 6 AN Outer Ends
Return Port Size: Upper Port, 16mm Banjo - 6 AN
Pump Required: Low Flow / Pressure
Inner End Threads: 9/16"-18
Outer ends, '67-69: 8021320
Outer ends, 1970: 8021330
Granada (Optional) 8021250
1967-70 Cougar Power Rack Only