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Power Steering Pump - Marathon HP - New - Direct Replacement - 97302MN

SKU: 97302MN

Each MAVAL Marathon HP product is designed to meet or exceed original equipment fit, form and function to ensure performance, improve durability, and provide ease of installation. Marathon HP steering pumps are manufactured with premium parts and high-quality sealing components to ensure performance, prevent leaks, and optimize the longevity of the unit. Every MAVAL Marathon HP product is tested on our state-of-the-art test equipment to simulate actual operational conditions, inspecting for leaks, noises, and overall functionality to ensure the unit meets or exceeds OE specifications. MAVAL utilizes superior-grade packaging material and processes to secure and protect its product, making certain it is received intact, undamaged and ready for install.

Ford E-150 (2003-07), E-150 Club Wagon (2003-05), E-150 Econoline (1997-02), E-150 Econoline Club Wagon (1997-02), E-250 (2003-07), E-250 Econoline (1997-02), E-350 Club Wagon (2003-05), E-350 Econoline (1997-98), E-350 Econoline Club Wagon (1997-02), E-350 SuperDuty (1999-07), E-450 Econoline SuperDuty (2000-02), E-450 SuperDuty (2003-07), E-550 Econoline SuperDIty (2002), E-550 SuperDuty (2003), F-250 SuperDuty (1999-04), F-350 SuperDuty (1999-04), F-450 SuperDuty (1999-04), F-550 SuperDuty (1999-04) ***W/8 Groove Pulley***